Saturday, October 23, 2021

Triangles and Quadrilaterals

 First graders spent some time this week exploring, sorting, and creating a variety of triangles and quadrilaterals. That’s right!  I said quadrilaterals!! They made both of them on dot paper by circling 3 or 4 dots and then connecting them with straight lines,  as well as with rubber bands on geoboards. They also continued sorting shapes by specific attributes. 

The Pumpkin Life Cycle

 Pumpkins are all around us at this time of year, but do you know about their life cycle?  Well these first graders sure do!! We learned all about it this week and even got to take a look at some real pumpkin vines, tendrils, flowers, and baby pumpkins! Thank you Farr Farm! 

Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds

 During our Forest Friday time this week first graders watched a puppet show about seeds, starring Mary Maple Seed and some other characters. They learned about the different ways that seeds can “travel” to help them have a better chance of growing into a healthy adult plant. 

After watching the puppet show we all went on a seed hunt to see what we could find right around us. And boy were there lots of different seeds!!