Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Making Kindness Rocks

First graders have been learning a lot about kindness over the past few weeks and as a result, we decided to create a Kindness Rock Garden to help spread kindness throughout our entire school community!  All three first grade classes came together to get started on this project.  We talked about why we would want to do this, and a little bit about the story of how the Kindness Rocks Project all began.  We saw some short video clips that showed examples of kindness rocks with inspirational, motivational and caring messages and pictures on them, and then we got to work creating our own!! 
The garden isn't put together yet, but it is coming soon so be on the lookout!!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Exploring Sound with Tuning Forks!

Over the past two days, first graders have been exploring sound vibrations through the use of tuning forks!  After mastering how to get the tuning fork vibrating and making a sound, they did a few experiments which made the vibrations much more visible to them - they touched the vibrating tuning fork to a piece of paper, to a "drum" with glitter on it, to a dish of water, to a ping-pong ball, and to their elbow while their finger was gently placed in their ear.  All produced some very fun and clear results!  Ask your child about them!

Observing Nature

We went out for our Forest Friday a little early this week due to the dreary weather forecast for tomorrow.  Today we focused on being scientists out in nature making quiet and thoughtful observations of our surroundings using all of our senses (well, except for taste!).  Each student chose a special "Sit Spot" from which to do their observations.  They recorded their observations in their new Nature Journals.  Students observed many things in the woods today such as birds singing, birds flying around, bugs, new plants, buds on trees, etc.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time today, but it was a great first experience with our "sit spots"!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Exploring Sound Vibrations

As we continue our study of sound we learned more about vibrations today and how vibrations make sounds.  After watching a video clip of a rainstorm and making all of the noises with our (moving/vibrating) bodies, we then used a vibrating ruler to make the "boing" sound of a bouncing ball.  We explored using different lengths of a ruler to see if it changed the sounds that were created.  Pretty neat!