Monday, May 14, 2018

Making Movies in Your Mind

Have you ever thought about making a movie in your mind while you are reading a book?  It's actually an incredibly important comprehension strategy and skill known as visualization or mental imagery and first graders are learning all about it!  We read the book, Grandfather Twilight, and students practiced focusing on the pictures they made in their minds. The first read was without seeing the book's illustrations.  This gave students a chance to really focus in on what they visualized during the story, and then they drew their most vivid image.  The second reading allowed them to see the illustrations which they could compRe to their own.  Our mental images are each so unique!

Writing Reviews

It was so quiet during our writing workshop thi morning that you could have heard a pin drop!  And on a Monday morning!  Wow!  First graders are hard at work writing reviews of a myriad of things.  They certainly have strong opinions!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

First Grade Robot Workshop

The First Grade Lego WeDo Robotics workshop was a blast!  Thank you to all who were able to attend!  Lots of creativity and problem solving going on!

Star Light, Star Bright...

As part of our study on space, first graders have been learning about stars. Our most recent lesson focused on why we can't see the stars during the day.  Students wondered where they go and why do they disappear?  So, we did some investigating. 

First, each student got to make their own Big Dipper constellation on the bottom of a paper cup.  Using a pattern and a push pin, students poked holes in the cup to create their stars. 

Next, we turned off the lights and used our flashlights to project our stars onto the table top.  Pretty cool!!

Finally onto the day and night question.  Using a picture of a landscape, students projected their stars onto the paper to simulate the nighttime sky.  Their partner then used a second flashlight to act as the sun light.  They made the sun light rise and set.  This was a wonderful way to see why we can't usually see the stars during the day - they are still there but it is just too bright to see them.  

Monday, May 7, 2018

Our Town

Mrs. Rankin has been teaching the first graders all about community throughout the year.  One of their culminating projects was to create a model of the town of Richmond out of wood.  They did an amazing job!!  It is currently on display right in front of our school, on the front porch area. Please stop by and check it out!