Thursday, October 19, 2017

Buy, Produce, Sell, Oh My!

A big focus of our Farms Make Vermont unit in first grade is to learn about the economic cycle of "buy, produce, sell."  During this past week first graders started learning about that cycle using an apple farm as our first example.  Through our discussion, and with the use of our knowledge as to how an apple farm works, students discovered that the farmer needs to buy many things in order to start up, or continue being, a prosperous apple farm; each farm needs to produce something, depending on what kind of farm it is; and the farmer needs to be able to sell some of his or her products to be able to then buy things for the farm to keep going on through another year.  Soon, we will also be learning about the differences between "wants" and "needs", which is an important consideration for the farmer when he or she gets the money from selling their products.  

Also, be on the lookout for information coming home soon regarding an upcoming field trip to a dairy farm!

Shapes Stations

During math on Friday students were able to rotate through three different stations.  Each station provided an activity for students to work with shapes in a different way.  One station was working with pattern block shapes on an iPad, one was continuing their work in their workbooks filling shape outlines in different ways, and one was building with pattern blocks following specific directions. So much great geometrical thinking going on in our classroom!!

Fire Safety Month

October is Fire Safety month and the first graders at RES were so lucky to get to learn all about fire safety forum our own Miss L.!  Miss L. works at RES during full time the day, but is also a volunteer firefighter for the town of Bolton when she is not working at school.  She shared her wealth of knowledge on this topic with the students, as well as dressed in all of her gear, explaining its usefulness as she put it on.  She also gave the students a great reminder to ask their families about an "escape and meet-up plan" in the event of a fire on their own homes.  Thank you Miss L.!!

Dental Health

We had our second lesson with Nurse B. this week and it focused on the importance of dental health.  Students learned all about how to take care of their teeth and keep their gums healthy, too.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Different Ways to Fill the Shape

During math this week, students worked on two new challenges - one was finding all the possible ways to make a rhombus, trapezoid and hexagon using different pattern blocks; and the other was filling the same outline using different amounts of patten block shapes.  These bright learners rose to these challenges and showed their strong geometrical thinking skills!!

Fiber Farms

First graders had quite an educational session with Miss Virginia today!  They learned about three different types of fiber farms: sheep, alpaca, and rabbit. Do you you know that alpaca fiber is twice as warm as sheeps' wool, and that rabbit hair is eight times warmer than wool?!  So interesting!  Students were able to feel the difference between the three different types of fibers, in their raw and processed forms, as well a learn about the process involved from shearing or combing the animal all the way to the final product (a sweater, for example). 
Since our lessons with Miss Birginia are grant-funded by the National Dairy Council, we also got to do another taste test of a dairy product today - yogurt!  Yum!!
At the end of our lesson, Miss Virginia left the students win a challenge: explain to an adult at home what a "ruminant" is.  (Hint: cows, sheep, and alpacas are ruminants.)