Sunday, September 27, 2015

Movement Breaks

First graders got a special visit from Miss Meredith, one of our district's Occupational Therapists.  She taught us some new ways to give our bodies and brains movement breaks even while we are sitting in our chairs!  Ask your child to tell you about some of them!

Towers of Ten

Students played a game called Towers of Ten, during which they collected cubes, accumulated enough to build three towers of ten, and then wrote equations for them.  First graders have also been exploring different ways to write equations, as well as the idea of true, or balanced equations.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watermelon Topics

Today during writer's workshop writers learned the difference between a gigantic "watermelon" topic, and a "seed" topic.  An example of a big, huge watermelon topic would be school, but a small moment seed topic would be writing a story about PE class, or math time.  First graders are working hard on focusing on one main idea in their stories.  They are working hard!

Shelburne Farms

First graders enjoyed a wonderful "From Farm to You" filed trip at Shelburne Farms today!  The goal of the day was to make a pizza using only products that come from Shelburne Farms!  And we did it!  One group harvested toppings from the garden, one group made some cheese, one group made the dough, and another group made the sauce. 
Here are some highlights!!

Library day =Tuesday

This is a friendly reminder that Tuesday is our class library day. Please help your child remember to return their books on Tuesdays so that they can choose some new ones!  Thank you!!

Crazy Hair Day!