Monday, May 15, 2017

Roll Tens

There was a lot of counting going on in our classroom today!  Counting by tens and then adding on the single ones. We have become master counters!!  The game we played today was called Roll Tens.  It is played with a partner and each takes turns rolling the dice, finding the total, and adding that amount of cubes to the mat.  The cubes are put into strips of ten, and the goal is to collect 100 in all, filling the mat.  On each turn, the player had to count up the total amount of cubes collected, and record this.  For an extra challenge students could also figure out how many more cubes they would need to get to 100.  This was optional but many rose to the challenge!

Opinion Writing Celebration

First graders concluded their opinion writing unit with a celebration today!  In the morning they chose their favorite piece from the unit and designed a cover for it.  Then, at the end of the day both first grade classes got together to share their reviews and opinions on many different topics. It was quite  interesting to listen in and hear the many strong opinions we have amongst our first graders!

Deigning our covers...

Sharing and listening...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring Fling this Friday May 5th!!

Ten Turns

We had a great first day back after the April break!  
We began a new math unit today and kicked it off by playing a game called Ten Turns. To play this game, you roll two dice, add them together and gather that amount of counters to place on the tens frames mat. After each turn, both partners must record the number that was rolled, and then the total amount on the mat.  This game provides a great opportunity for practicing counting by tens and then adding on the single ones.