Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Message in the Story

We have been enjoying many Dr. Seuss books lately in our class.  After reading them, we have pushed ourselves to do some deep thinking about what the theme, message, or lesson might be in the story. This class has really surprised me with their insightful thoughts and ideas!

More Force and Motion

First graders have been investigating many things around the topic of force and motion.  They have conducted experiments to find answers to various questions such as:  How does a ball's size affect how it rolls down a ramp?  How does a ball's bounciness affect its motion down a ramp?  How does a ball's weight affect its motion down the ramp?  How does the incline of the ramp affect how a ball rolls down it?  How does the texture of the ramp affect how a ball rolls down it?  Many of our experiments get at the concepts of gravity, friction and momentum.  Students made very thoughtful predictions, carried out their experiments, and then recorded and wrote about their observations and conclusions. 

Partners to Ten

This past week  we started a new math unit which began with learning the partners that make ten.  Students made a "Tens Rainbow" and flash cards to practice their facts, as well as played "Tens Go Fish".  Our goal is to memoize these facts so that we don't need to stop and figure them out. 
Look for a set of flash cards that are coming home for students to keep and practice with.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Beach Day!

First graders had a blast being at the beach all day!

There's nothing like a little reading time at the beach!