Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting Ready to Write Reviews

So far in our Opinion Writing unit, we have been judging various collections and giving our opinions and reasons as to which thing we think is "the best" in a collection. Today, we started switching gears and will now be learning how to write a review of something, and giving our opinions for why we think the way we do about something.  The first thing that we will be writing reviews for are games (board or card).  So, to prepare for this writing we needed to refresh our memory, or experience for the first time,  the games we will be reviewing. Of course we had to play them!  This seemed to be a big hit and hopefully will yield some amazing writing next week!! 

Cover A Flat

First graders played a game called Cover A Mat using Base Ten blocks during math today.  With a partner, they rolled two dice, collected that many "single 1s", and traded in for "sticks of 10s" whenever possible.  After each turn they needed to count up their total and record it.  This went on until they could trade in for a "mat" of 100.  By using this concrete model, students continue to build their conceptual understanding of place value and our base ten number system.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Building Numbers With Base Ten Blocks and Arrow Cards

First graders are doing a lot of work around place value (tens and ones).  Today they played a game called "Cover a Flat" using Base Ten blocks, and practiced building 2-digit numbers with the blocks as well.  After building a number with blocks, they also showed the number using arrow cards, which can be pulled apart to show the expanded number. 

A Visit From Gerald the Elephant!

First graders had their wish granted today - Mr. Berry dressed up as Gerald the Elephant with tail, trunk and all!!  He also treated them to a story starring none other than Gerald himself!

Completed Earth Day Projects

And here they are!  Our promises to help keep the earth healthy!
This is only a sampling, stop by to see them all hanging in our hallway. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Ten Plus

During math today, first graders played a game that had them thinking about equivalent equations. The equations on their game mat included 10+0 on up through 10+10.  Students flipped two number cards, found the sum, and then figured out which "10+  " equation it belonged with, or was equivalent to.  They did some great thinking and used some great strategies along the way!