Sunday, December 13, 2015

Holidays Around The World

Last week first graders embarked on an adventure which is taking them to different countries to learn how and what people in different countries are celebrating at this time of year.  They first needed to apply for a passport (thankfully they were all approved) and make a suitcase to use during their travels.  Then they were off on their first flight, to Israel where they learned about Hanukkah and got to play the dreidel game.  Students enjoyed a first class flight during which they watched an inflight video on holiday celebrations in Israel. 

From Israel, students boarded another flight which took them to Germany, where they are still visiting.  They have learned that many people in Germany celebrate Christmas and many traditions around this holiday originated in Germany.  On Friday students learned about St Niclaus who visits children in Germany on the night of December 5th.  Children leave their shoes outside on their steps in hopes of finding treats in them the next morning.  We decided to try this out, and made paper shoes to leave on our window sill.  Or fingers are crossed!!

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