Saturday, September 24, 2016

Math - Week of Sept. 19

First graders played a few games during math this week: Plus 1/Minus 1 Bingo, Five in a Row, and Roll and Record.  Although they are playing games, they are still doing a lot of math thinking!  

Plus 1/ Minus 1 Bingo involved picking a number card, and figuring out whether to add or subtract a 1 from that number depending on what you need to cover on your bingo board.  

Five in a Row involved rolling two dice, finding the sum, and covering that number on a bingo board.  Players worked together to cover 5 in a row.  

Roll and Record involved rolling two dice, finding the sum while practicing using the strategy of counting on, and recording the answer on their recording sheet.  The big question was which number/answer would they get most often, and therefore reach the top of the recording sheet first?  We had a wonderful conversation about why the number 7 was the "winner" for so many partners, and made a great visual/chart to guide our understanding. 

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