Saturday, September 24, 2016

Writing Workshop week of Sept. 19

Writing Workshop is up and running!  And do we have a class of writers!!  We have jumped right into personal narrative writing, which we call "Small Moments" in first grade. Students were asked to do a lot of brainstorming around ideas for writing small moments.  The best part about small moments is that they can be about anything that has happened to you!  And it doesn't have to be anything big, like a fancy vacation or something.  It can be about what you had for breakfast that morning, or the cow you saw out the window on your bus ride to school, or the about the time our farmer friend, Miss Virginia, started tossing fruits and vegetables at us as we did a sorting activity!  Small moment stories are all around us, everyday!  
Early in the week students drew pictures of things that they could write about, and glued them onto their new writing folder covers. Later in the week students began writing some wonderful small moment stories.  They also learned what writers think about and do in order to get ready to write a story. 

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