Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Size of the Problem" and "Energy Level"

First graders got a special visit from Mrs. Touchette (aka Mrs. T.). She did a reminder lesson with us about "The Size of the Problem" and matching the size of our reactions to the size of the problem at hand.  That can be hard to do sometimes, but we had a great discussion around it.  

We also reviewed "Energy Levels" and what that means.  First graders were reminded that our energy level should almost always be in the "green zone" which is the perfect zone for learning. Mrs. t. Talked about when we might be in the blue zone, and what we could do about getting back into the green zone.  She also asked the students when it would be okay to let our energy get into the yellow zone (recess, PE, at home somtimes, etc), and when (in very rare instances) we might go into the red "danger brain" zone (when there is an emergency, someone is very badly hurt, or someone is ver, very upset, etc).  

First graders had a wonderful discussion around all of these ideas and have definitely been doing a great job keeping their energy in the green zone for most of their day at school!

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